Genesee Community Information

Genesee is renowned for its environmental conservation efforts. For over 20 years Genesee has practiced open space thinning for fire hazard reduction, improvement of forest health and enhancement of native plant and wildlife habitats. The board in charge of the ecosystem has collected an impressive array of scientific data on the entire community, the best fire specialists to point the way, an expert preeminent in the native plant field, a wildlife consultant, a manager with community forest management experience, and a reputation for good land stewardship.

Genesee also has the best focused committees of well informed residents, organized by the Board and dedicated to doing their part in achieving high standards of ecosystem management as a whole, in addition to national Firewise status. The rewards of two decades of stewardship development translate not only into growing improvement in open space management, but also in heightened opportunities for gaining State and local grant support to bolster the community's efforts.

Genesee's school system is part of Jefferson County's Public School district, the largest district in Colorado. With a staff dedicated to building a bright future for every student supported by a committed school board, involved parents and a caring community, students are able to find the perfect environment in order to steer them toward developing their educational tastes. A variety of learning opportunities are available to meet the different need of the students. Residents can find small schools nestled in mountain communities and large urban campuses.

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